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The 10 Best Driving Apps

While factory car software is getting better and better, there are still some clever apps that can enhance the driving experience.

Nokia brings Augmented Reality to the employment market with JobLens

Once Sesame Street starts using Augmented Reality, you know the tech is no longer considered a niche affair.

In this article it is revealed that augmented reality has been in possession of some for a while and that we are only now hearing about it because larger corporations have been given access to it. It also broadens the idea of what is augmented reality. If we look at it from a very specific perspective then it is true that it is very new to us, but slow motion is technically also considered AR. Read more if this interests you!

Augmented reality technology is on its own to enter educational fields. To provide you with detailed information, we’ve come up with 5 great Augmented Reality iPad Apps.

„Photos Around“ Augmented Reality free application for android

Photos Around - cool app for showing Android phone capabilities. Thought it's not very usefull apart from searching good sightseeing near you :)

Bing adds augmented reality 360 Search

Bing adds augmented reality 360 Search, plus Music, Events, and Lottery

Augmented Reality: Supermarket

Augmented Reality - Innovative retailers and brands are always looking for new ways to engage customers, increase sales, decrease returns and enhance retail loyalty programs.

The Augmented-Reality Enterprise Opportunity I Recode

It is clear, in the long-term view, that there are potentially very few businesses that won’t be impacted by AR technology.