Hijabi Muslimah Beautiful pics!

You are one of the persons i looked up too when i first made the decision to put on the hijab! Such a beautiful hijabi masha allah

Beautiful Pink Hijab, and Book of Quran

She got a head full of knowledge, and her heart is full of flair, eyes full of love and hands full of care. -Muslim Belal Beautiful pink hijab and a book of Quran


again, this is commission from "girls in hijab" really thankYou for Commiss me dear done with SAI, PS CS Bamboo small comm: hijab girls

Crying Syrian Woman (Drawing)

Syria my beloved wipe the tears and Cheer , O daughter of glory Almost the night disappears overnight and the light of freedom will appear . dear Wipe the tears


I love this description of a muslims modesty. Im sure the definition could be adapted for us lds also.

Muslim Women Against FEMEN

#MuslimahPride: Muslim Women Take On Topless Activists

Hijab wearing Muslims choose to do so and are not oppressed. If you shame a woman for wearing a Hijab, you do not deserve the title of feminist and you only feed the patriarchal oppression we fight against.