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Eggs: Paleo Baked Egg in Avocado: For a low-sugar and fiber-filled meal that's budget-friendly, try this recipe for baked eggs in avocado that's delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Baked Egg in Avocado: For a one-two punch of in your breakfast, try baked eggs in avocado. The low-sugar, high-protein, and fiber-filled breakfast will kick off your day on a healthy high note. Just be sure to get a large avocado or a small egg.

Crisscross Lunge Targets butt, legs Stand with feet hip-width apart, elbows bent, hands clasped in front of chest. Cross right leg behind left, stepping right foot out to left, and then bend both knees about 90 degrees to lower into a curtsy. Return to start; switch legs and repeat.Do 20 reps, alternating sides. Do 4 sets.

Look Like Brooke: Brooke Burke's Workout - The star reveals the sculpting circuits she does with trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche in her two new Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke DVDs, Tone & Tighten and Strengthen & Condition. Here's a sneak peek.