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Support people who affected by natural disasters by Vress-shark

Vress Shark

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ArtStation - Bionic foot, Hristian Ivanov Shyne
roboy: tendon driven humanoid robot

Mechanical Engineering (include robot engineering)

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Ooooooooo Colours!

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What Do You Know, Clay Pots Not Just for Gardens Any More
looks like new & useful crap from corporate... // at least 4 real-world fails

Camping Stuff

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#rwby #ruby #strawberry #glass #of #sugar #cute
(Random idea suddenly pops in head)  Me: I want some milk  *goes into kitchen and pours milk* *goes to pick up cup* Ouch?! *sudden sharp pain in finger* What Th- *looks at handle* Neko: No! you can't have any! It's mine!


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Manikin (Golem) mask from the  Dark Souls games by MaskcraftHello! We decided to answer the most frequent questions in advance, so please read this text carefully.1. All masks and helmets are made by hand from the durable plastic EasyFlo 60 or its analogs. The parameters of this material can be found on the Internet. Painting is done with high-quality acrylic aerosol paints.2. The size of all masks and helmets is standard and suitable for most heads. If for some reason the mask turned out to be
Bleach Arrancar No.3 Tear Halibel Mask Anime Cosplay Costume Mask Hollow Mask #ebay #Collectibles

Mask Designs

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Creepy Cat Chapter 27: Policeman page 1 - MangaWK.com
Creepy Cat Chapter 2: Heavy page 1 - MangaBat.com
Creepy Cat Chapter 33: Snapshot page 1 - MangaWK.com

Creepy Cat

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Demon Slayer

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Snatcher you pecking piece of trash
someone on my fb page asked for a Hat Kid

A Hat in Time

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Gardening Stuff

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Diives on Twitter: "H-HOW LEWD! 🥵❤️ #diives #helltaker #modeus_helltaker… "


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Angry Birds

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Undertale Series

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SHANTAE FOR SMAAAAAAAAAAASHHHH. Hey guys. We just updated the Shantae Kickstarter with a bunch of concept art for stages and enemies, but more importantly.. we’d love to get Shantae in Smash Brothers! As you may or may not know, Nintendo recently...
Don't Lose Your Wayforward! | Shantae | Know Your Meme


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Shop: Easy Armor Patterns - KamuiCosplay


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