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Oh Allah ﷻ protect my heart from being attached to something that will not benefit me in my Akhira. Guide this fragile heart.

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Sabr (patience), silence and a genuine, warm smile are great tools/weapons against enemies. It disarms them effectively.

5 Salah Mistakes

Salah is one of the primary pillars of Islam and it is primarily in the form of Salah that Muslims praise and worship Allah Almighty. Besides being a pillar of Islam, it s also mandatory upon a Mus…

Child perfoming Nimaz with his father

Create Islamic settings in your home

Image with text Surah AL-MULK (THE SOVEREIGNTY)

A Short Background : Surah Al-Mulk is the chapter of The Holy Quran . It has 30 verses. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH i.

The Holy Book, Quran

Solutions of social problems from The Holy Quran

Surah Yasin cover image

Virtues of reading Surah Al-Yaseen - Learn Quran Kids

Step By Step Salah - Namaz Guide

Step by Step Salah is an android application for Muslims. It guides to learn Salah in steps with the help of Audio & Poses images.

Quran in Hindi (हिन्दी कुरान) - Android App For Indian Muslims

Quran in Hindi (हिन्दी कुरान) - Android App For Indian Muslims

Qibla Connect ®Find Direction for Prayers Anywhere in the World -

Qibla Connect ® Find Direction - Correct your Qibla Direction !


How to Find Qibla (Kaaba) Direction on Android Iphone & Desktops

Muslim, Android, Religion, Prayer, Eid Prayer, Prayers, Prayer Request

Qibla Connect ® Find Direction - Correct your Qibla Direction !

Qibla Direction Finder & Pro Muslim APP with Prayer times, Azan & Quran

How to Find Qibla Direction Everywhere & Anytime on smartphone?

Assalam Alikum my All Muslim Brothers & Sisters! Often we face the issue regarding Qibla direction so today I am going to share a worlds top Qibla

9 Practical Ways to Gain Islamic knowledge - Muslim World

Time Management Time managements helps you set your overall routine.