The Beauty of Islam - uzziblue:     Pair this up with Tahajjud and...

uzziblue: “ Pair this up with Tahajjud and wallahi you will get addicted to waking up for tahajjud and having that special connection with Allah. Not trying to blow my trumpet but I say this from experience and if a sinner like me can experience it.

O Allah! Renew the imaan in my ❤️️.  #Islam #Quotes

O Allah! Renew the imaan in my ❤️️. O Allah! Renouvele al imane ( la foie) dans mon coeur

M. Fajar Abrori: For anyone who read this. Someday when i die please don't ask anyone about me except 5 people who i trust. They are Afrizal, Dimas, Afiyak, Ali, and Hamdi. My best :-D. Also you can ask my brothers, sister, or my parent. I leave them behind me. Because there will be fitna on every believer even though when he is dead. Also pray for me for good ending :-D.

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Islamic Quotes - Be somebody in the eyes of Allah s.t, even if you are nobody in the eyes of people

The glory of tahajjud! The instant peace and serenity felt after the prayer! Priceless! May Allah make all of us among the ones who remember Allah during the last part of the night! Ameen. If you have any problem in life, wake up and pray . Trust me,He is the best listener and The One who Is Able to solve your problems :)

It is said that dua at Tahajjud prayer is like an arrow that doesn't miss its target! In shaa Allah wil try ☺