"Yaa Rabb, show me what's right is right, keep me on it, strengthen me with it, bless me with it.


If we can trust people we shall infinitely trust in Allah SWT. If we can plan something big Allah SWT abosolutely plan everything.

Do Not Despair ... Trust in Allah "A Light That Sparked My Gloomy Year!" http://www.onislam.net/english/reading-islam/living-islam/personal-stories/in-their-own-words/481581-no-not-despair-trust-in-allah.html

Im having a bad day,and im losing stuff and to be reminded of His generosity,im feeling a bit relieved cause i know somewhere in the distant future He had set up a beautiful plan for me to made up for everythg i hve lost.In Shaa Allah

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(: Hajj , In Sha Allah one day

In the Holy City of Madinah, in Saudi Arabia // muslims in their natural habitat (season 3 lool :D)

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Roses on Book of Quran (with Quran – Surat al-Muzzammil): Therefore read of the Quran as much as is made easy for you.