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the text on the screen reads bio aesthetic savage ver, only know me it's going to be dark
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a black background with white text that reads, beliar golok kanggan main hp terus
Dijodohin [Nomin]
the sky is lit up at night and there are many buildings in the distance with lights on
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an airplane flying in the air at night with text above it that reads, global haii beht sauta, gratis aku
the tweet is being posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like
the sky is very dark and there are power lines in the foreground with an inscription above it
the sun is setting over some mountains with a quote on it that reads,'something puya bayak car
someone is riding on the subway with their hand in the air and there is a text above them
a woman looking up at the sky with a quote above her head
the text is written in different languages
people standing on top of a tall building with a city in the background and an overcast sky