Ajeng Anggraeni Putri

Ajeng Anggraeni Putri

Ajeng Anggraeni Putri
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Paint light bulbs and hang from fishing wire!

aha moments wanted! Let the light shine! paint light bulbs and hang from fishing wire!>>this would be super cute with fabric/ribbon around the base, not painted, and hanging in front of a window

U-turn – Highland Ranch, Colorado These guys have some serious DIY style. For inquiries, contact the youth pastor / designer Judah Trabusli. JC Naz – Junction City, KS These ladies have a great eye and some amazing ideas. Check out their blog. Transit Youth – Calgary, Canada They use their theme color orange really well …

The floating pallet wall is kinda nice, perhaps we could do an extended frame or something for the video screen? Leave a gap on the sides for the lights?

Light boxes made from air filters and tape.

Light boxes made using air filters, cardboard, duct tape and led lighting. Awesome, practical and cost effective. Cheaper way of creating the light boxes. Explores the idea of stacking and presentation.

Intensity - I find this interesting because of how the same type of lights have…

Whether you're lighting up an entrance or a runway, you don't need to spend a fortune. Pick your colors intelligently and DIY lighting is easy and affordable. Dyi spot light with tissue boxes and bulky flashlights