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There are so many carries that can be done with a short woven wrap! Shorties are my absolute favorite so I'm delighted to give you some inspiration for what to do with them! We've focused this post...

17 - now - back carries to try with a short woven wrap. and shorter back carries, shortie woven wrap carries, using a short woven wrap.

The Anatomy of a "Deep Seat" - Making a seat can often be the most difficult part of #wovenwrap or #ringsling use. I struggled with it in the beginning, mostly because I fundamentally misunderstood the function of the seat. This graphic is a fantastic visual aid to show what we are actually talking about when we say "pull the fabric up between you and baby to make a seat".

The Anatomy of a "Deep Seat". Making a deep seat when carrying your child in a woven wrap can be so difficult to get the hang on. This guide explains so well what I've been missing! A must read of you're having problems with back carries!