Russell, Dug and Carl Fredricksen Up Widescreen Wallpaper

One of our favorite things about Disney Pixar’s Up, is the extremely lovable dog, Dug, that Carl and Russell encounter on their adventure.

Up Movie Painting Wallpaper

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Up Movie Wide Wallpaper

Anytime Dug, Kevin, Russell and Carl are in the same scene it's just funny. Sorry I can't be more specific, but they're a hilarious ensemble!

Up Movie Balloons House Wallpaper

This free scenery wallpaper comes with an UP movie balloons house. To lift the house, there has to be a great many of balloons. In this free scenery wallpaper,

Princess Merida Brave Movie Wallpaper

free Princess Merida Brave 2012 wallpaper, resolution : 1920 x tags: Princess, Merida, Brave, wallpaper

Carl Fredricksen and Russell Up Movie Wallpaper

This MUST be true! Carl is the Doctor. Time Lord, Doctor Who, Pixar's Up <- Headcannon accepted.