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Beautiful orange flowers over white wall

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This image of a flower market is so fun. Flowers never fail to make us happy, and we love this shot!

Learn Korean | awesome! I don't have to yell out random sounds when doing punching drills now.

Learn Korean Just in case Oppa comes to Michigan

Infographic: Feelings and Emotions in Korean Part 2

[K-EDUCATION] LEARN KOREAN Check out the picture below to learn how to say different types of feelings and emotions in Korean. In korean, "yo" is being used if you're having a conversation to the one that is older than you.

lightstick kpop

lightstick kpop

• P i n t e r e s t | starsnlove •

• P i n t e r e s t | starsnlove •

If you want to learn even more Korean phrases, check out this Top 25 Korean Phrases video for free!

12 frequently used phrases in Japanese- If you want to learn even more Japanese phrases, check out this Top 25 Japanese Phrases video for free!

forever, gift, crazy, still, together, like, like this, lie, I don’t know, how, please, but, heart, time

basic Korean words you need to know to watch KDramas.

blush pink blooms

Bunch of flowers held out by hand

im starting to rlly like baths again,, finna get me a good one when i get my own house

Bath tub with flowers // bath time



Learning Korean

Body part labelling is a fun way to learn Korean Language.

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Mannamkorean_Hangul, listen to native speakers to hear the nuances. Some are hard to translate to English lettering

Bougainvillea in San Francisco

Best San Francisco Scenic Spots

Imagen de flowers, pink, and house




Are any of you good at sports? Or do you enjoy a certain sport recreationally? Here are some common sports vocabulary in Korean you will likely come across. If you want to study even more and impro…