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womens legs from behind drawing referenc3e - Google Search
S.H. Figuarts Blank Male and Female Figures Officially Announced | Pop Critica
"Male Body Study I" - Jinx-Star, DeviantArt.com~ This is nice but I wish it had more body types. I can only seem to find body studies and tutorials with very muscular guys. Which is nice and all, but not everyone's like that and I'd like to draw realistic characters instead of creating a fantasy world where everybody's ridiculously attractive. sigh
Sketchbook Figure Studies 2 by Bambs79 on DeviantArt
Sketchbook Torsos by Bambs79
CURIOSIDADES DE NUESTRO CUERPO  (ALGO QUE DEBEMOS SABER)  1. Si te pica la garganta, ráscate el oído: Al presionar los nervios de la oreja, se genera un reflejo inmediato en la garganta que produce espasmos y alivia la molestia...
Male vs Female side-by-side anatomy comparison. (th00.deviantart.net)