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an architectural drawing shows the various sections of a building with different colors and shapes on it
Gallery of New Nørvasund School Competition entry / Various Architects + Kant Arkitekter + Grindaker Landksapsarkitekter - 10
an info sheet with different colors and shapes for the design process, including circles, dots,
MiR_architettura, Francesca Da Canal · NUOVO POLO PER L'INFANZIA
the color scheme for an office building is shown
Gallery of Flower + Kindergarten / OA-Lab - 43
two cubes with the words office and retail in different colors, each containing an individual's name
Kubus van Koolhaas krijgt groen licht
the program is designed to help students learn how to use color in their art projects
what makes a great place? diagram with people and bicycles in the center, surrounded by circles
Project for Public Spaces on X
an image of a circle with many different things on it, including pictures and words
Creative Timeline Designs
a drawing of a building with some lines going through it and the ground plan below
Gallery of Marquez Hall at Colorado School of Mines / Bohlin Cywinski Jackson + Anderson Mason Dale Architects - 19
a circular diagram with many different pictures on it
Sydney Mosque
program diagrams - Google Search
a circle with different colors and numbers on it
VahViews Trencin — Land and Civilization Compositions
Diverse Daily programming Key user groups are identified and the elements of the area are planned to accommodate different users at different times. Encouraging ongoing daily activity.
an image of a bunch of different things in the shape of a heart with words on it
the colorful blocks are labeled in different languages
Le 30x30 - by architecture
Le 30x30 - by architecture
an image of colorful squares with arrows pointing in different directions and the words on each side
Por Partes
BIG, p.s wish volumetric studies could've been this easy. Hah. Though it may actually be more than how it looks..
a drawing of the structure of an object