akshaya francina reddy

akshaya francina reddy

akshaya francina reddy
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The “emotional wreck but acts like everything is totally fine” zodiac squad… ★// Gemini // Scorpio // Capricorn // Virgo // Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋// Aquarius //

There are times I want to cry but just stay quite or even smile it off till I get home then it turns into a stream of tears♒️

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And then of course we feel really bad. I really have been trying to tame my tongue when angry, sometimes, I warn a person that they don't want to go to far course they will regret it, and I really try to hole my tongue, but sometimes I just can't

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Guess Ill never fully trust u. That sux. U shudnt have kept her naked pics on ur phone amd talked to her like she was an option. Amen to that