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an old menu with many different types of food and drinks on the front page, as well as other information about it
Ice Cream Parlor - Victorian/Edwardian (Part Four)
an old man in a white suit and tie holding a tray of fried chicken while sitting at a table
Vintage Politically Incorrect Advertisements
Politically Incorrect Old Adverts
a hamburger restaurant sign in front of a building
a menu for a fast food restaurant with an image of a large hamburger and lettuce on it
10 Discontinued And Mostly Forgotten McDonald's Menu Items
Year: 1991 What was it: It was a healthy reduced fat hamburger created to appease critics and appeal to the health conscious. How was it made? “To make the burger so low-fat, the company replaced the fat content with water. The recipe called for carrageenan -- a seaweed extract -- to bind the water to the beef. Beef made up only 90 percent of the patty, and water and carrageenan made up the remaining 10 percent. The result was a dry failure of a burger that was later called ‘the McFlopper’.”
an old advertisement for chips with people around it
hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
an advertisement for kentucky fried chicken from the 1950's, featuring a man in white shirt and tie
a boy eating an ice cream sandwich while holding a drink
an advertisement for seven up beer with hot dogs and sandwiches
Try a Stackwich with chilled Seven-Up! (1954)
1950s Vintage Ad/ 1950s Foods: Try a Stackwich with chilled Seven-Up! (1954) #1950s #1950sad #Vintagead #PartyFood #RetroFood #Sandwich
an advertisement for burger king with a large hamburger and fries
The Burger King, Before He Started Wearing the Creepy Plastic Mask
an advertisement for a deli restaurant with sub sandwiches on the side and coffee cup in front
Who wants some Arby’s tonight? (1982)
Who wants some Arby’s tonight? (1982) : VintageMenus
an ad for mcdonald's is shown in this advertisement, with the image of a hamburger and fries
Vintage Health Ads That Actually Give Horrible Advice
To Be Fair, the Average Austra is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Vintage Health Ads That Actually Give Horrible Advice
an advertisement for the big boy restaurant with a cartoon character holding up a large menu