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One Piece, Whitebeard Pirates quote "EVERYONE IS A CHILD OF THE SEA"

This would make a wonderful tattoo. How about some of us OP fans get this ("Everyone is a child of the sea") to identify ourselves because this is basically the entire plot of OP.

The worst generation - minus Roronoa Zoro (why...?)

One Piece Supernova Luffy Zoro Apoo Eustass Kid Killer Trafalgar Law X Drake Urouge Jewelry Bonney Basil Hawkins Capone Bege

One Piece - Monkey D Luffy - Nami - Nico Robin - Roronoa Zoro - Sanji - Tony Tony Chopper - Usopp

Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece – his powerful and playful illustrations really pop out of the page.

Omg Monkey D. Luffy as a kid his still the same

On ne met pas le ☝️ dans l'nez "lØl" ⛔️ ~ LuffY Monkey D. ~ ⚓️ One Piece ⚓️ ~ [✨GiF✨]