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there are two bananas that have been placed on top of each other with the words yellow dancer written below them
31 Hilarious Time-Wasting Memes To Help You Procrastinate
a slice of lemon sitting in the middle of water with its reflection on the surface
Colors ~ Black, White and Yellow | Yellow photography, Fruit photography, Black n yellow
an orange carrot with a black knife sticking out of it's side on a blue background
kvell: Sharp supper. 📷 by @j.m.navarro. #repost
an orange cut in half with seeds coming out of it
Weird and Wonderful Digital Art from a Millennial POV
a spoon is sticking out of a bowl on a plate with a fork in it
Some Anthropomorphisms From a Different Perspective - Dinnerware
the inside of a tree trunk with an image of a forest in the background and text that reads earthervo
Don't know if it's fake but it's beautiful - Awesome
a glass vase sitting on top of a metal table next to a black and white background
30 Photographs with Rings
a black and white photo of the letter s
Black And White Photography
an elephant's head is shown in the shape of a mushroom
Humorous Digital Collages by Les Creatonautes Give Edible Objects Animalistic Additions — Colossal