Love in arabic and i want it < if that is truly what it means, that's beautiful. Arabic script is just so elegant and wonderful. <3 i would get that tattooed somewhere.

Even more funnies XD (15)

Love in arabic and i want it. Maybe under my forgiven written in Arabic

Ahora podremos dibujar a Jimin  con este bosquejo

cutttttttttte i can draw that ill show u *draws a weird stick figure* SEE NAILED IT

I LOVE you my God

Our prayers and call to Allah , never goes unheard. Be assured about it and remain patience.


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Allah knows,and that's enough for me.

Allah knows,and that's enough for me.I love you Allah

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Wherever u are.

Wherever u are.

200+ Beautiful Quran Quotes, Verses & Surah (with English Translation)

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Sabr. One of the main features that should have a Muslim or would like to acquire <3

Ya Allah, give me sabr for the things or people I cannot have. wp-content uploads 2017 03 tumblr_okqv05HP5V1qeelg7o2_1280.jpg

Quran Quotes - So remember me; I will remembe r you


Power of fajr !May Allah make us among those who rise,sacrifice their sleep for a greater place;May Allah make us among those souls are with Allah and taken away in the beautiful position of sujood,prostrating to our maker Allah SW

Behind every smiling face is an untold story of sabr (patience). And some have been tested in such a way that most of us cannot even imagine.and yet they were steadfast.

Imam Ali Quotes About Life. QuotesGram by @quotesgram

"There are two ways to live a pleasant life, either in someone's heart or in someone's prayer." -Imam Ali (AS)

Absolutely , cute for a tattoo somewhere  #tattoo #CuteQuotes

Charity starts at home.The best reformers are those who self-reform…

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We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. - A seriously beautiful sentiment and is quite true.

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13781968_1049984898371056_488238512209194953_n.png (960×960)