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two anime characters are standing next to each other and one is looking at the camera
Hange Zoe
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an anime character is holding her hands up
Yuri One Shots 4 - Female! Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan) x Shy! Reader {NaL}
#wattpad #random I'm fvckin' back~!! Ah yeah, time to start again~!
an anime character with long hair and boots, wearing a green jacket and black pants
Liselotte Jäger (Female Eren)
the bear is standing on its hind legs and it's arms are wide open
Harka, ein junger Dakota-Indianer, ist der Sohn des angesehenen Kriegshäuptlings der Bärenbande, Mattotaupa. Er ist wagemutig, geschickt und ehrgeizig. Harka kennt kein anderes Ziel, als selbst einmal ein so guter Krieger und Jäger zu werden wie sein Vater. Doch die Zeiten beginnen sich zu ändern: Der weiße Mann dringt auf seiner Suche nach Gold in die Welt der Prärieindianer ein, was auch auf Harkas und Mattotaupas Leben dramatische Auswirkungen hat.
two anime characters sitting next to each other with an animal on their lap and one holding the arm of another
Liselotte and Eren Jäger
a drawing of a girl with brown hair and yellow eyes holding a bag in her hand
Eren genderbend
Liselotte Jäger (Female Eren) Avengers, Eren And Mikasa
Liselotte Jäger (Female Eren)
an anime character with green eyes and blonde hair
Liselotte Jäger (Female Eren)
Anime Girl, Art Girl, Female Characters
Animé, Handsome Anime Guys, Handsome Anime, Mikasa
Liselotte Jäger (Female Eren) Art, Character, Female
Liselotte Jäger (Female Eren)
Attack On Titan Comic, Anime Child
a woman in a dress holding two mugs of beer with chinese characters on them
*carrying glasses of beer for everyone* I'm getting there! Would you stop shouting orders at me?! And if I hear ONE more whistle, I'll slice somebody's throat open!!!
a drawing of a woman in a white dress with green eyes and long black hair