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Alexia Pamelov

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Alexia Pamelov
More ideas from Alexia | Hello everyone , in this post we will learn about how to create custom pixel and vector brush in Affiity Designer. Affinity Designer comes with a great selection of preset brushes right out of the box and now, and I will show you how to create and manage your brushes. How to create …

How to create custom pixel and vector brush and import in Affinity Designer | In this post we will learn about how to create and editing text in affinity designer. As you know Affinity Designer is a fresh new design and illustration app that burst on to the scene last year and immediately won Editors’ Choice, before becoming a runner up in the contest for Best App …

How To Creating and Editing Text in Affinity Designer | Hello everyone, in this post we will learn about Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer is a great alternative and it’s one of the few programs specifically made for UI/UX design and graphic design work But most of your existing knowledge will not carry over to Affinity. How do you get started using this program …

Learn Basic Affinity Designer For Beginners

Cheap Hosting, Drupal

Cheap Hosting, Drupal

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This article explores the new vp syndrome.

It’s possible to meet and avoid many online threats already in advance. Here you get a list to prepare yourself for the daily handling.

Cheap Hosting

Find The Best Windows Hosting Companies in 2017

A short guide on how to get from designing clients' ideas and dreams to bringing them to life in a site, modern web application or native app.

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