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how to set up a popcorn bar
How to Make a Popcorn Bar
Edu-cake yourself with these 7 cool science cakes! 🌎🌋🔬🌌
several different types of liquid in small glass containers with spider webs on the bottom
Creepy Shirley Temples. Turn a classic to a Halloween sipper
Creepy Shirley Temples. There's nothing like a few fun props to turn this simple mocktail into a Halloween horror! Shirley Temples served in glass beakers with blood-red grenadine in a liqueur shot syringe for fun!
there are many different pictures of candy on the table
Jell-O Easter Eggs
DIY Jello Easter Eggs [Recipe Tutorial] : made using plastic Easter eggs sprayed with cooking spray... what a fun idea for Easter dinner!
there is a cake that has been made to look like a monster truck on it
A Família Hunter - Supernatural
Mine would be Teen Wolf, Breaking Bad, Grimm, & The Walking Dead cake
many different types of drinks are shown in this collage with the words harry potter on them
truebluemeandyou: Halloween & Cosplay DIYs
8 Magical Harry Potter Drink Recipes from Buzzfeed.All the recipes are in 1 place, so it’s not your typical Buzzfeed roundup. These are alcoholic cocktails, although a few can be made virgin. • Wolfsbane Potion • Unicorn Blood • Polyjuice Potion •...
cupcakes with chocolate frosting and candy decorations
Idea for a Harry Potter themed party! You make the sorting hat out of caramel and put red, blue, yellow or green m&m's. Whichever color m&m's is your house!
a recipe for harry potter's butterbeeer recipe is shown in this screenshot
Bring the wizarding fun of Harry Potter home! Create your own butter beer!
an image of a beer with the title 5 ingredient butterbeeer on top and below
5-Ingredient Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer - Love is in my Tummy
5 ingredient, non-alcoholic Butterbeer that tastes almost as good as the real deal! And it only takes 5 minutes to make! Save it for the next Harry Potter themed party! Accio Butterbeer!