Sandra Alfina
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I'd like to hang a chalkboard in my kitchen, so I knew what was for dinner, depending on whose night it is to cook :o

i think it would be adorable to do something like this in a kitchen. have a chalkboard wall for kids, notes, to-do lists etc. add some cute lights and make a focal wall. probably on the side of the kitchen

Restaurant bins in drawers for flour, sugar, instead of on the counter.

Top-Drawer Idea: Rather than have a lot of canisters taking up valuable counter space, create drawers precisely measured to fit commercial stainless steel containers (available from restaurant supply stores) a baking drawer!

This amazing display of herbs also make a great room divider!

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The Plant Cafe Organic on harbour front in San Francisco by Melissa Werner, Cass Smith and Sean Kennedy

The Plant: Cafe Organic occupies two historic, waterfront buildings at Pier straddling what was once a railroad passage, which CCS Architecture has modifi.

A peek into the Sambazon Cafe in Newport Beach - Crafted by local artists using reclaimed and found materials for an eco-chic Brazilian vibe

The Sambazon Cafe in Newport Beach is offering families a healthier alternative to going out for unhealthy ice cream w/ their nutrition packed acai bowls