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Una Kitchen & Microbrewery Norwegian design studio Kind has done the Branding/CI for Una Brewery & Kitchen. The logo is designed as an ambigram. The name Una comes from Latin.

Raw Trader, Melbourne, 2014 - Studio Y

Raw Trader is a specialty raw-dessert bar in Melbourne CBD specializing in all things vegan, organic, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. Studio Y’s new design for Raw Trader combines raw and contemporary style. The interior.

Lokal Cold Brew In Columbus, Ohio. Proudly Showcasing Hand Brewed And Bottled Single Origin Beans From Different Parts O... - #61175 - NOTCOT.ORG

Lokal Cold Brew in Columbus, Ohio. Proudly showcasing hand brewed and bottled single origin beans from different parts of Indonesia also reflected in the batik prints on the bottles.

Washing powder packaging

Washing powder packaging