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LED lights can be combined with aluminum extrusion and lens to create a beautifully recessed bar of light Mehr

Amazing Living Room Decor

Ceiling Designs for Your Living Room

The ceiling contributes a lot to the general outlook of the ceiling, so you need to choose a ceiling carefully. Here are some creative ceiling designs perfect for the living room; This ceiling is s…

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If your ceilings are low, it can make a room look smaller and more closed in. You can make your ceilings look much higher,

Ideas de decoración e iluminación con tiras de LEDs

Looks like it would slide out and reveal a secret compartment or a portal to wherever you want.

Oakville Place Ceiling Features | Stevie Rave On

Oakville Place Ceiling features engineered and fabricated by Eventscape. The magical dangling lit-rings are just outright amazing to pull off considering both structural and power provisions!

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