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Sundanese people - Traditional Sundanese house with Julang Ngapak roof, Papandak, Garut

Sundanese people - Traditional Sundanese house with Julang Ngapak roof…

eclektic:    Wayang Golek  Rod puppets, mostly associated with the Sundanese culture of West Java

Wayang Golek, Sundanese (One of Indonesian Ethnic Group) Rod Puppets Show - West Java, Indonesia

Amazing Art Deco mirror . . . a statement piece if ever there was one.

Anyone who has ever seen my house or my house tour knows that I love mirrors. I do like to add color to rooms, but I don’t tend do do as much art as some. I love a bold art piece here and there, but use more mirrors than anything else on the walls.

Ceplok is a general name for a whole series of geometric designs based on squares, rhombs, circles, stars, etc. Although fundamentally geometric, ceplok can also represent abstractions and stylization of flowers, buds, seeds and even animals. A single element of the form is chosen and then that element is repeated again and again in the pattern.

Batiks: Learn about the origin and the process of making batik fabric. Fabric that is dyed by using wax to stop the color. Batik originates from Indonesia and usually shows birds and flowers.