Durian Cream Crepe

When you cannot get the fresh durian fruit, then this is a good alternative - Durian Cream Crepe

masam manis: Durian Crepe with custard filling yummeh!!

masam manis: Durian Crepe with custard filling yummeh!

Durian cream cake

I& got few boxes of durian in the freezer. Other than thinking to make some cream puff or ice cream. I would like to try out some new stuf.

Durian Agar Agar Jelly Mooncake

Durian agar agar mooncake

Boil water, sugar salt and agar agar powder together and keep stirring the agar agar liquid with a hand whisk at medium heat. Add durian flesh, mix well then.

Durian pancake

Despite of the hot and terrible humid weather going on for the past weeks I am still craving for these " Durian Treats " instead of some coo.