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How to Rig Classic Laser
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How to Rig Classic Laser

A quick guide to rigging your Laser sailboat with the pros at West Coast Sailing. In this video we're using our Laser Rec Line Kit, which has every line you ...

laser rigging - Google Search

laser rigging - Google Search

CBI Laser mast step repair part 1  2012

CBI Laser mast step repair part 1 2012

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Blade & Rudder Bag

Blade & Rudder Bag

Designed to carry a laser rudder and daggerboard with storage compartments for a tiller and tiller extension. features a large pocket on the outside to store your wet gear, lines or battens. Convenient for carrying to and from sailing locations

Accessories - Parts

Accessories - Parts

Laser Auto Bailer Complete LP91009
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Laser Auto Bailer Complete

Has your bailer died, given up, bit the dust? If you have replaced the O-rings four or five times and are on your second repair kit, maybe it is time for a new bailer. Invest in a dry cockpit with a bailer that works every time. This Laser Auto Bailer c


Rooster Laser Clew Strap

Rooster Laser Clew Strap

Rooster PRO Laser Hiking Strap

Laser Hiking Strap Rooster Pro

Product Description Laser Hiking Strap by Rooster Sailing. Features a SureGrip textured rubber underside that enables you to hike out using the end of the toes and not loose your footing or grip. Hiking Strap for the Laser sailboat. SureGrip underside for great contact with your boots. Manufactured by Rooster Sailing. Class legal on all Laser sailboats Length: 32.5 inches

Harken Tiller Extension

Harken Tiller Extension

Product Description The Harken Tiller Extension is a light weight aluminum tiller extension that attaches to most tillers. Available in several lengths to match boat type or preference. All extensions include universal joint and base for mounting on existing tillers. The rigid anodized body of this tiller extension transmits subtle boat and rudder movements, allowing you to steer by the feel of the helm. The simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills - every aspect contributes…

Laser Auto Bailer assembly - 91009

Laser Autobailer Assembly

Product Description This is the complete Laser auto bailer, ready to install. Mounts to all model year boats and enables water to drain from the cockpit when open, but prevents water from entering when closed. Full bailer assembly Slide down chute with 'O rings' Screw and plastic insert included Drains water from cockpit Easy retrofits to older boats Out of stock? Alternative options can be found here: Laser Autobailer (Nautos) and ILCA Autobailer Assembly

Black RWO Drain Plug

Drain Plug (RWO)

Product Description This RWO brand drain plug is black and was used on boats built ~1989-1997. It can retrofit to any year hull. The RWO plug was put into use again on mid-2011 through 2012 Laser hulls. Plug used on late 80's to late 90's hulls and mid-2011 to 2012 hulls Drain Plug Only Easily replaces old drain plugs Screw Hole Spacing: 36mm/1.42" Plug Hole Diameter: 22mm/.86" Color: Black Manufacturer: RWO

Laser Line Kit *Standard* - West Coast Sailing Special
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Laser Line Kit *Recreational*

Product Description Every line you need for your Laser sailboat, from bow to stern! Our *Recreational* kit includes every pre-cut line needed for the Laser: mainsheet, outhaul, cunningham, vang, bow line, hiking strap lines, and more. A great value and super easy, and now includes a Velcro Clew Strap in place of clew tie line! Suitable for boats with original hardware or 'classic' hardware that is not updated with the 16:1 vang or upgraded cunningham and outhaul systems with integrated deck…