lucu bgt!!!!

The only thing cuter than a corgi is a corgi puppy. I want this puppy.when I agree to get a puppy!

gettin' dirty

hes like mud ! what mud? i would never play in the mud. okay fine i played in the mud. but it was sooooo worth having to take a bath !

awww so cute

Baby hippo needs a little underwater nudge from mama. Baby hippos are born underwater at a weight between 25 and 45 kg lb) and an average length of around 127 cm in) and must swim to the surface to take their first breath.

Mastiffs love kids!

Mastiff + baby Awww I love big dogs. I want baby to grow up with a dog.


first bunny kiss , posted by the best Cute Bunny Pictures website.

Golden retriever puppies! Goodness, the cuteness!

They are so cute -- Watch this video -- a litter of nine Golden Retriever puppies just waking up from a nap and wondering where Mama is

hei.. lucu bgt kamu (n_n)

mom and cub (love this pic. all you see is the innocent vulnerable cub. until you notice the momma bear paying VERY close attention.

Can you say Awwww? Or rather, Paaaaaw.

pretty sure I need a baby bunny with these precious floppy ears.

Seaworld, Orlando, Florida - amazing day out

Are You Thinking About Visiting Seaworld San Diego? Seaworld, Orlando, Florida - amazing day out