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Learn how to make a folkloric braid necklace . Free tutorial with pictures on how to braid a necklace in under 120 minutes by yarncrafting and jewelrymaking with crochet thread, satin ribbon, and chain. - Ladies, sebentar lagi ada acara istimewa - Ladies, sebentar lagi ada acara istimewa - Yuk sulap bahan seadanya jadi aksesoris unik.

DIY Bird Nest Necklaces: String beads onto wire gauge) and arrange them as you'd like. Wrap the wire around the beads. Wrap some wire in the space between each bead. Attach a jump ring and a clasp to the end of a necklace chain. - Manfaatkan jeans bekas Anda menjadi pernik yang berguna yuk...

These 12 denim DIY home decor ideas for up cycling jeans. these make me want to re-do my whole world (forever) in blue jeans! Idea - Stitch, hot-glue, or stitch-witch jean pockets to a rectangular piece of denim and hang it from a dowel over your desk.