Traditional Indonesian sweets - Kue Putu -- steamed cakes filled with palm sugar syrup inside :-)

Putu cake (from the Java language, puthu) is a kind of Indonesian food such as cakes that contain palm sugar and grated coco.

Martabak indonesia

This article is written in two languages, English and Indonesian. Martabak is a popular snack in Indonesia. Almost every street corner in big cities sell this delicious snack. There are two types of martabak: sweet or terang bulang (moonlight) and.

Kue lapis indonesia

Kue Lapis (Steamed layered cake)

Colorful layers of cake are steamed layer by layer is a popular Indonesian snacks or dessert

Dadar gulung

a thin layer batter cake, made of eggs and pandan (for flavor and color). filled with sweet grated coconut.

Bakpia #jogja #indonesiacaketradisional

Bakpia #jogja #indonesiacaketradisional

Traditional Indonesia cakes "putu ayu" and "roti kukus"

Traditional Indonesia cakes "putu ayu" and "roti kukus"

Indonesian Kue Mangkok

Mangkok means cup so this is the Indonesian version of a cupcake kue mangkok are steamed riceflower.