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Ottoman, ceremonial caftan made for Sehzade Mehmed, 2nd quarter of 16th century.

Ottoman ceremonial man caftan made for Sehzade Mehmed, quarter of century.

“Anteri” in the ottoman town fashion. - 19th - http://www.texmedindigitalibrary.eu/?browse=location=9

© Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Nafplion, Greece The silk fabric is embroidered with floral designs in gold thread. The anderí.

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Super elegant Very Fancy dubai Kaftan/Abaya/jalabiya ladies dress FREE SIZE

Late-Ottoman street-wear from Erzurum/Karin. End of 19th century. Called 'çarşaf' (blanket). Made of fine wool. Originating from an Armenian household. (The Russian Museum of Ethnography, St.Petersburg).

Armenian female blanket, used as an outdoors garment, accordingly to Muslim rules. From Erzurum, late century. Made of high-quality wool. Similar to the 'çarşaf' worn by Muslim women. (The Russian Museum of Ethnography, St.