Using Simple Shapes to Draw Cartoon Torsos, by bleedingcrow on deviantART. This is a really neat tutorial that shows how to draw different types of body torsos for a cartoon character.

Future armor

The leathers i would need to go for a ride on a sports bike these days Lol Could hide it under a Leather jacket and pants :)

Really need to work on male faces

Head proportions template/reference, how to draw the human head

Character Concept - speedball

Character Concept <<<< reminds me a bit of Zero's design in MegaMan Zero

Handmade animal art pieces

Handmade animal art pieces

Funny pictures about Mystical Handmade Animal Art Pieces. Oh, and cool pics about Mystical Handmade Animal Art Pieces. Also, Mystical Handmade Animal Art Pieces photos.

Art by Zhong Fenghua

best guess by fenghua zhongSparrow Volume Ashley Wood Sketches and Ideas

ArtStation - Armor Exyle, Cristiano Rinaldi

Armor Exyle - Concept for an upcoming scifi film by Cristiano Rinaldi

Eva RX-0 by johnsonting on DeviantArt/ Gundam Unicorn/Evangelion

rhubarbes: ArtStation - Eva by Johnson TingMore robots here.

sid: Photo

Obsidian Reverie Oliver_Arm by bradwright on DeviantArt

Steel man, Mihail Vasilev on ArtStation at

Steel man by Mihail Vasilev in Fresh Showcase of Impressive Characters

Cyberpunk, Cyborg, Swallow Book 4

Explore the art of Darren Bartley, concept artist at Ubisoft in Montreal, and his gallery of characters

Mystic Mimsy

Rider 1 by zakkizaki

Mystic Mimsy

Kamen Rider by zakkizaki

Mystic Mimsy

日々是遊楽 — starninnger: Some Showa era Kamen Riders for you

dreweuropeo I find that in brush lettering there are 2 major types of brush pens, 1 type has the bristles & the other has the felt tip. Upon inspection to my collection, I found a lot of brands that i bought overtime. There are some really good ones like the Tombow, Faber Castell Artist Pitt, Zig Scroll & Brush, Zebra and Sharpie

A guide to brush lettering and brush lettering pens. Brush lettering gives designs a handmade feel without the casual-ness of a chalkboard.