Apple pie with roses

Apple pie with roses: this gives the ingredients but not the instructions! Might be able to figure it out if you've ever made a cream filled pie. Must figure this out.

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Such a pretty outfit! Idk about the hijab tho


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hijab tutorial

Neck Coverage and Super Pretty Hijab Tutorial Must Try

New hijab Tutorial

This is a very classy and gorgeous hijab look, mainly for special occasions, it looks flowing, Simple and you can wear all your types of necklaces with this hijab style. You will need a ninja scarf for this look, Its easy… fashion high-heel shoes for wome

♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

from - Ve HAREM Abiyemizin mavi rengi.

♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

i love this color hijab contrasting against the blue

Hijab Tutorial ♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

how to tie hijab in different ways Muslim wear

Leena Asad ♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

today in our post we will present some classy hijab outfits from an American/ Palestinian Muslim girl lived in Texas united states

♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style How to do it

♥ Muslimah fashion  hijab style

25 Western Outfits to Wear with Hijab for Gorgeous Look

awesome Turban Hijab Style Tutorial

Tutorial Hijab Layering Turban Style I really want to try this *.

Super Easy Turkish Hijab Tutorial

hijab tuto 4 the hijabi girlzzz

Simple and easy.

Quick Hijab Tutorial For Glasses. Ps- I soo love her glasses