Aliya’s Christmas Cakes

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there is a chocolate bear in the middle of some candy
Aliya's Cakes on Instagram: "| SANTA’S COMING | Sneak peek at this chocolatey Christmas treat 🎅🏻"
a box filled with assorted candy and candies
Aliya's Cakes on Instagram: "| MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄 | Chocolate Cherry Brownies decorated with white chocolate buttercream ✨"
a bowl filled with fruit and nuts on top of a table
Cakes In Wilmslow | Wilmslow | Aliya's Cakes
Luxury Fruit Cake by Aliya's Cakes | Fruit Cake | Christmas Cake
there is a frosted cake with a snowman on top and presents under it
Iced Christmas Fruit Cake by Aliya's Cakes | Christmas Cake | Christmas Baking | Christmas Ideas