Hijabi Muslimah

You are one of the persons i looked up too when i first made the decision to put on the hijab! Such a beautiful hijabi masha allah


I have no word just want to say that I do support my sisters whom wear hijab since I'm hijabis myself ( I think the propaganda is way too exaggarating t.

pake hijab plus kacamata keren juga :)

it was a new challenge for me to know if i can draw a girl with hijab . to make it i was staying in front of the mirror wearing my hijab and drawing i.


Imaan, at the cafeteria. Just a quick sketch while I was having breakfast :> Perspective’s all funky…but here you go. (I wish crunch time would end s. Imaan : doodle I

steps muslimah

Every girl dreams about a guy singing her favorite song. But, We MUSLIMAH'S always should wish for a husband who will recite our favorite SURAH