Bali Shopping Guide

Bali shopping guide and tips that you need to know before you come to Bali for your holiday, surfi shops, batik cloths and many

Uluwatu Beach

The Surf Bali: beginner or professional surfer you will find the spot of your dreams

Canang Sari

Canang sari is a little, coconut leaf basket filled with a number of wonderful flowers, where as sari implies essence

Crystal Bay Dive Site

Enjoying Underwater View in Crystal Bay Dive Site

Tulamben Dive Site

Tulamben Dive Site is in the eastern part of Bali. It is a great area to find parrotfish and large barracudas.

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach with its rocky beach is basically located in Pekutatan. It is easy to reach the beach using any vehicles

Crystal Bay Dive Site

Enjoying Underwater View in Crystal Bay Dive Site

Cheap Bali Adventure Tours

Cheap Bali Adventure Tours will definitely make your Bali vacation more exciting. Everybody knows that Bali is fabulous

Balinese Homestay

Balinese homestay, there are a variety of things that needs to be considered to ensure that the perfect selection is reached

Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran Bali is covered along with wonderful accommodations from hotels to local Balinese homestay

Holiday in Jimbaran Bali

Holiday in Jimbaran Bali, the most special destination for your desire with some beautiful beaches all around area.

Bali Homestay

Bali homestay have balconies and swimming pools that offer you the chance to spend many of the time experiencing the views and garden

best homestay in Bali

Homestay in Bali variations to select from - starting from price range to beach area, cliff and village


This temple in Indonesia called Uluwatu Temple was established in the century. I wouldn't mind monkeying around there for a minute dude!

Bali Tour Packages Information

Bali tour package come in a lot of varieties as there is a Bali holiday package created for honeymoon couples

Kuta Bali

The others area for Property in Bali investment are Kuta Bali beauty place for sunset beach Kuta Area already has a full property and tourist