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Jacqueline Kennedy letter on the day JFK died...this letter is about her love for John Kennedy...beautiful. This is a woman who loves her man no matter what. You can feel her heart is broken to losing him the day he died.

JACKIE KENNEDY’S LOVE LETTER TO JFK. Letter written by Jackie Kennedy on the day of the assassination. this is what lana del rey is saying at the end of the national anthem music video.

I'm am in a city choir that is divided up into  different groups. The night after I got home from practicing for the big winter concert I was txting a friend who is in the older boys group, he asked if I was watching him during practice (my group was in center stage and his was in the balcony's) I told him no, I just look around  to the ppl who are singing when I'm not. He said "Well that explains that" I asked him how he knew I looked around "... I was watching you."

See ladies, real boys love girls who read! I want my future guy to write me a letter like this! Awwww so sweet

fallen in love with the idea of being in love

I'm in love with the idea of being in love. Love is magical and many people have fallen in love with pure idea of being in love.but it hurts when it's only the idea and not the person