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a woman standing behind a pink food stand
Blended: A Coffee Shop mock-up and branding logo design
a small wooden booth with coffee on the outside
Cladded Ice Cream Catering Container Case Study | Lion Containers Ltd
We recently built a custom cladded ice cream catering container for a park in Welshpool. Contact Lion Containers today or read our case study for further information.
a bright green food stand sitting on top of a wooden floor next to trees and bushes
Shipping Container Cafe | 5 Free Quotes |
Custom Built Shipping Container Cafes | #1 Australia Wide
a small building made out of metal and glass with yellow trim around the door, sitting on a brick sidewalk
Box.o.Matic 3000. Architect, Ana Williamson Architect, AIA. Builder, Mediterraneo Design Build. Photo Credit, Dean J. Birinyi Photography.
a store front with blue walls and white counter tops that has two televisions on the wall
Sweet Jesus Newmarket
the outside of a coffee shop with wooden tables and stools
Desain Coffee Shop Classic
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a yellow and black building sitting on the side of a road
HEISENBERG , Qatar on Behance
an image of a coffee shop that is made out of shipping containers
Container cafe 3D Models
an image of a small bar made out of shipping containers with plants growing on the roof
Shipping Containers for sale | eBay
a shipping container that is sitting on the ground
Restaurants, bars & cafes | Tourism & hospitality
Shipping Container – Endless Possibilities! | Trade Me
the exterior of a restaurant at night with people standing outside and dark clouds in the background
Studio de Arquitectura Gerarq en Instagram: “Diseño de container cafe MENTION Diseño y renders: @arquitectura_gerarq #arquitectos #architecturerender #arquitectura…”