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three discs sitting on top of a white cloth covered table next to a vase with flowers
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Large selection acrylic painting, oil painting, small painting
an acrylic painting of a tree with the moon in the background
Home Decor, Night Acrylic Painting
Winter evenings in Canada get cold, really cold. Easier to stay warm inside and look at this winter painting, than it is to go outside in winter.
an acrylic painting of power lines and birds flying in the sky at sunset
Hand painted wall art. Acrylic wall art. Acrylic painting. Acrylic painting on canvas. City wall art. Power lines wall art. Rural America.
This is a handmade acrylic painting on a 8x11 canvas. This is a beautiful wall art of rural America power lines and birds with a pink and purple sky, ready to hang. Beautiful handmade scenery painting. Hand drawn onto the canvas and painted with acrylic. Perfect addition for your Game Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Dorm Room, or Living Room. Perfect gift for the art lover in your life.
Page Filling Pen Doodle Design
How to make a cool page filling doodle that is both simple and striking. This links to the TikTok it came from. Video Credit: @kerrydoodles You can find other drawing info and lessons here: https://knotsandknowledge.com/posts/pastels-and-pencils