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golden maknae of the eon

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Journey starts frm Allah n the destination is back to Allah

Let's be different, sisters!

Let's be different, sisters!

إن اللّه مجيب الدعآء

Subhaan Allah this is so true and I have experienced it many times over.Thank you Allah for listening to my prayers and never leaving my side.I am more than pleased with Allah as my Lord, Islam as my religion and Muhammed (pbuh) as my messenger.


Allah knows what you need.

Yes, it's never late

Don't say about your self that i can't be , cause you still have opurtunity to be a better muslimah.



keep your shalihah friends

The best way is that friends are friends with good intentions and the hurry to get something


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No need to argue with non-believers, their reason for not understanding the beauty of Islam is clear. Make dua for them instead so that Allah ta'ala will change their hearts.

Those who deny facts of Islam, their Hearts are blind. Not Eyes.

Hope on Allah( swt) he Wil solve all your problems and difficulties.

Hope on Allah( swt) he Wil solve all your problems and difficulties.

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