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purple haired yoongi would be epic! but at the same time YOONGI LET YOUR SCALP BREATHE armys love and appreciate you colouring your hair, but we would love it more knowing that your hair can take a rest~

Bts Jin♡| Jin♧| Kim Seokjin♤ | Kim Seok-Jin♢ Bts Suga♡| Suga♧| Min Yoongi♤ | Min Yoon-Gi♢ Bts J-Hope ♡| J-Hope♧| Jung Hoseok ♤ | Jung Ho-Seok♢ Bts Rap Monster♡| Rap Monster♧| Kim Namjoon♤ | Kim Nam-Joon♢ Bts Jimin♡| Jimin♧| Park Jimin♤ | Park Ji-Min♢ Bts V♡| V♧| Kim Taehyung♤ | Kim Tae-Hyung♢ Bts Jungkook♡| Jungkook♧| Jeon Jeongguk♤ | Jeon Jeong-Guk♢

BTS - N. Bring back the Bandana! I know they did with Not Today but Yoongz wasn't wearing one.

Bangtan Boys

Bts (^▽^) can you imagine them fighting for you for your attention and they want you to choose one of them. It's like a dream come true - BTS ~ DarksideAnime


BTS Bighit Trans : [Today’sBangtan] BTS and ARMY are 💜wings💜of one another, keep on flying up together! ARMYs that we met in Bangkok, see you again next time~.