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unique wedding arch decoration ideas

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Aged White Oak Whiskey Barrel Table-42" Tabletop-(4) 24" Black Bar Stools

A Retired White Oak Whiskey Barrel is transformed into a rustic and inviting table. Table top is a laminated diameter round, black and reversible to mahogany, chose which you like best, brackets are included to fasten table top.

53 Gallon Charred White Oak;  Real Kentucky Bourbon Barrels;  BUY THESE BOURBON BARRELS FOR:  JUST $59 EACH - C GRADE;  JUST $ 79 EACH - B GRADE;  JUST $ 99 EACH - A GRADE;    Barrel Grades:  C  GRADE - May or May Not Hold Liquids;  Weathered & Aged;  B  GRADE - Usable for Liquids; May Have a Cracked Stave; Newer Appearance.  A GRADE: A Select Barrel; Usable for Liquids; Best Condition possible for  a used bourbon barrel.

found these guys on craigslist (lexington container company) - you can get tons of different things like milk crate and rain barrels. the ad was for really cheap bourbon barrels and half barrels, awesome for planting!