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a sign that says no puedes sentro pero sabes que esta ahi
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i'm giving out free ghost hugs for everybody
the words important things are written in black and white, with an image of a hamburger,
ARTIST: hello to you! My name is Jacqueline, but you can call me Jackie. ^^ I am in high school. URL WISDOM FROM ALL AGES. I like to go back to the original artist and give them direct credit. Jackie made this three weeks ago and it has caught a lot of attention with its simplicity and honesty. Finding the original was a challenge but Jackie you are a girl after my own heart!!
a yellow bird with the words do it for yourself, ok? you observe at least that much
(40) Learn Something (@CoolestLifeHack) | Twitter
a cartoon bunny saying, things to remember i am lovely and observe happiness when none is val
Stay Strong. Be positive.
Stay Strong. Be positive. - perfect for those SADs days
Pocket Penguin. For all you Funsubs having a bad day (: - FunSubstance
Pocket Penguin. For all you Funsubs having a bad day (:
a yellow bird with the words stop doubting yourself you are so strong show the world what you got
I always doubt myself, even at things I know I’m good at, and it hurts. I need less “I can’t…” and more “I can!”.
an image of a cartoon cat with the caption you are smarter than you think
Encouragement from my person... We always underestimate ourselves. Let’s try some more believing in ourselves instead! :)
a rabbit saying you're great at being you no one can replace you, so keep it up
AWWWWWWW!!!!!*_* :D
a piano keyboard with musical notes on it and the words life is like a piano
A simple drawing to remind you that life is full of good and bad days.