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Unlocking the door just got a wee bit more complicated ...

Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock - That little chain stands no chance against my maze rage when I'm in a hurry and trying to get out of my house.

Coffee table aquariums

Sure you could make this into a fish tank coffee table, which is pretty cool, but how about a reptile coffee table! Maybe for a ball python, beaded dragon or maybe a baby tortoise!

A Frame Conference Table

I love these table bases! Vintage Industrial offers several conference table options that are all customizable with size, finish, color, dataport, and top material. We build to order in Phoenix! These also make a great community table.

How To Wood

If you want to increase your income and love wood work, then you should maybe about starting a home based business. A person who has good woodworking skills can easily start his or her business from home, start small and build a portf

Adding teak floors to a small shower

Adding teak floor mats to your shower floor instantly upgrades the look and hides the ugly drain. Teak is a waterproof material so it's okay to use in the shower.