Alfredo Rinaldi

Alfredo Rinaldi

Alfredo Rinaldi
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I DO THAT! I part both of my arms as if I'm parting the sea! Then laugh every time. Hey we all have to have some fun in life doing something goofy.

Someone from Toronto posted a whisper, which reads "When I walk through automatic sliding doors, I wave my hand so I can pretend I'm a Jedi.

A dense growth of cotton grass fills a bog in the Autonomous District of Yamalo-Nenets in Siberia, Russia [Photo by Kamil Nureev, National Geographic Your Shot].

See the top submissions to the National Geographic Photo Contest and explore all the stunning entries. "In the realm of cotton grass marsh".

|Coffee Shop Design + Coffee School + Coffee Consulting

Design & Layout , Floor Plan Coffee Shop floor plan Coffee Shop Design + Coffee School + Coffee Consulting To scale floor plan Lyla Drake.

35 Facts About Coffee and a delicious recipe for Morning Joe in the Raw!!  #coffee #morning #morningjoe

Coffee, as we know it today, is a brewed beverage but ancient Africans were known to have grounded up the beans, mixed them up with animal fats and make primitive energy ball out of them.