1930's balinese djanger dancer.

© Andre Roosevelt, Bali dancer A towering headdress and plug earrings adorn a Balinese djanger dancer, part of a coed performance that was “more of popular fun than of temple dance or.

3 generation, Baduy Village,Indonesia #FriFotos http://t.co/hjDutsoH

3 generations of Baduy tribe : father, daugher and grandchild. This picture was taken when I visited the Baduy tribe (Inner Baduy). Baduy is the traditional community living in the western part of I

As Ilhas de Deus: Java, Sumatra, Bali (Indonésia), 1954. Gotthard Schuh @ #lamistardilocast #tribut #tribute #tributon #homenaje #omaggio #дань @

As Ilhas de Deus: Java, Sumatra, Bali (Indonésia), Gotthard Schuh