GP's new high-tech Constant Escapement

New Girard-Perregaux constant escapement watch. A revolutionary watch with constant escapement movement by Girard-Perregaux: GP constant escapement watch.

1815 Chronograph made by Louis Moinet, the first of its kind!

Since the of March the official inventor of the Chronograph is Louis Moinet

1898 Patek Grand Complication, only 2.25 million

The Earliest Known Patek Philippe Grand Complication To Be Sold By Christie's Tomorrow In New York: Meet The Palmer Watch

1/2 dead-beat watch by Antoine Martin, 24mm balance!

Watch Insider’s Top 17 Ultra-Technical Timepieces for Antoine Martin Slow Runner

2012 Watch Razzies, taking the industry a little less seriously then usual

This stunning Tissot T-Touch Expert is as strong as a dragon with its titanium…

Movement from a 1815 Moinet chronograph

Movement from a 1815 Moinet chronograph