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Krystal for Femina Magazine + More Nylon + Teases Group Photoshoot

[HD포토] 에프엑스((f(x)) 크리스탈 휘날리는 머리카락도 분위기 있어 #topstarnews

조슬기 기자 - [HD포토] 에프엑스((f(x)) 크리스탈, ‘휘날리는 머리카락도 분위기 있어’

Krystal Jung

Who is known as the best fashion idol. We've compiled idols with the best style. It's going to be all about the airport fashion of the k-pop idols. Recently, many K-dols were spotted sporting their latest airport fashion.

krystal, heading to shanghai

K-Drama Feature: 10 Female drama characters everyone wants to date

krystal airport fashion 2015 - Google Search

[PANN] 94 оны айдолууд