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A hijab is a veil traditionally worn by some Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest.

Modern hijabi girls can't stop from presenting their fashionable daily trendy looks in all social Medias! Everyday there is a new fashion trend!

Hijab Fashion 2016/2017: Tuğba Store | Tesettür Giyim Tesettür Elbise Pardesü Manto Online Alışveriş

Hijab Fashion 2016/2017: Tuğba Store

Hijab Designs - Hijab Style - Arabic Hijab Fashion is basically Muslim's dress and Non-Muslim and emo girls have starts dressing like nuns.

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Muslim girls adapt Japanese Lolita look to suit more modest tastes, i think this is very creative and very cool!

Muslim Lolita Fashion Is A New Trend Inspired By Japan